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Quotes by darling destiny*

You do what you love, and fück the rest.                                      


Think: when did you stop looking forward to waking up?                  


Can you imagine a time when the truth ran free? The birth of a sun, the death of a dream.


Isaac Newton once said:
matter can neither
be created,
nor destroyed.
Every fiber of your being
has a story to tell.
You are an embodiment of
something greater than all of us;
you are made of history,
and you will create the future.

Our bodies are only temporary,
mere placeholders of the
greatness that we will
go on to create.

So when you tell yourself,
“I don’t matter,”
remember this:
you are made of the
very matter that created
the universe.


You said you love me to
the moon,
and back;

but along the way,
you got distracted
by a prettier star.



I believe in music the way that some people believe in fairy tales.


I followed you like
the vikings followed the stars.

Turns out you were
just a broken compass.



Let's go on an adventure,



      and never look back.     


I’m sorry I wasn’t enough of a reason for you to stay.      


You are not your sadness—it cannot control you.      

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