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Quotes by crocodilemonkey49

I am meeting Everfound! Only the hottest band out there!


I am so sick of cancer
I am so sick of death
I am so sick of everything bad
Why cant it just stop
Could someone just talk to me...I feel so left out of life, I dont wanty to be left out of Witty
Sheldon: Dont hurt my friend
Penny: I dont want to 

The nicest thng Sheldon has ever said
Son of a Monkey's Uncle!

Best exclamation I have ever heard.
I had a dream about me having quaduplets with Niall Horan.
Thier names were Abee, Olivia, Nolan and David...cutest things ever!

BEST DREAM I HAVE EVER HAD...i love my brain
Us Girls...
We say things we regret

[ ] single
[ ]taken
[x]mentally dating a celebrity that dosent know I exist
I know he is the only one i can trust no matter what happens and that is what keeps me going through the day

you can take this how ever you want but to me he is not of this earth
he is of heaven
he is eternal
he gives ever-lasting life
he is my god
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