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don't paint me black when i used to be golden.
i'm just some kid you'll forget about as soon as you leave this page.
i like music, books, poetry, photography, tattoos and cute girls.
i guess i'm an introvert, and i'm usually shy and observant.
i tend to try and find good things in everyone i meet.
     i hope you have a really good day.    


Quotes by crookedyoung

wait two hours ago it said I had 57 comment points and now it's dropped down by 11 what did I do


20 years today.


i didn't know i was lonely
                    'till i saw your face.                    


for a moment, i'm a poet without words;
speechless 'cause you love me at my worst.


is your chest so heavy you're ready to leave,
or are you just hoping that someone will grieve?



lights will guide you home
and ignite your bones



i know i said i'd never lie to you
and i'm not trying to
but i've gotta keep these secrets keeping me awake


happy birthday to me.


that little kiss you stole,
it held my heart and soul
and like a deer in the headlights,
i meet my fate.


i have these thoughts so often
i ought to replace that slot
with what i once bought
'cause somebody stole my car radio
and now i just sit in silence