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          'So that's it. Thanks to everyone for listening to my music.
Now I need to forget myself again, so you may not hear from me for awhile.
Forgetting yourself is freedom, and I need to be free.
Happy travels. Jeff.'




Quotes by crosbalicious

why do you weep?

did you think i was immortal?

-louis xvi-

it's a show about nothing,
how do we know
-when it's over-

                                 why does the one thing  that's killing me 
make me feel so alive?

everyone says they are lost
i am not lost at all.
-i know exactly where i am-
i just hate it here

we are destruction
at its finest

make awkward,
sexual advances
-not war-

sometimes,the last thing
you would ever do 
-is the one thing that would-
change your life


i'm a bit of a loner 
but that's okay with me.

Blow Kisses
Not Coke

Scream With The Voice 
Of An Angel