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Heeeey! My name's Christine and this is my Witty Profile!
People say happy birthday to me on Nov.17
I enjoy writing but not if i'm forced to. and i enjoy reading too. (i'm not a bookworm though :P)
i also hang with my friends and i love listening to my music
i (am going to) play volleyball, its one of the few sports im good at :)
Most of my quotes literally suckk
but i won't stop writing them :)

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Quotes by crybabychrisy

im confused.
i thought being in a relationship meant holding hands and loving each other every second
i mean, almost every TV show said that.
i thought the hardest part would be getting the boy but it seems now like that's not true.
and every time it gets hard i never leave i just slam a door or scream until it hurts.
but maybe i'm just wasting time hoping that it'll change, but everything already changed and i don't think its going back.
it used to be so much simpler but now i feel like its imaginary
was it imaginary from the start?

Rebecca Black,
We don't hate you because your famous
Your famous b'cuz we hate you :)
You can take everything i have,
You can break everything i am,
Like I'm made of
Like I'm made of PAPER,
Go on and try to tear me
I will be RISING from the ground

Like a    S        Like a   S
              K                     K
              Y                     Y

              S                     S
              C                     C 
              R                     R
              A                     A
              P                     P
              E                     E
              R                     R

~Demi Lovato <3
what are we gonna do we are f***ed..
ew alan, did you just eat sofa pizza?

yup, yes i did.


You know if you really think about it a barrel full of monkeys sounds kinda scary

why does nothing rythme with



Lindsay Lohan is going to jail!



EH, not really.

                                 A rose is a perfect
                       symbol of romance.

i mean its beutiful. elegant, sexy...


and then it dies after a few days and all your left with is the greensh-brown pricky stem.




Tacos up on the floor
Tacos give me 1 more
Tacos eat `til your sore


Warning: Caution: Attention to all poets & jockers and just PEOPLE this song was created by an obssessive TACO fan!!!

All Mine<333

Girl is on facebook with a boy next to her

girl: hey look it's my face on a book
boy: no it's just a website where you can play apps write on walls & meet new friends!!!
girl: uhhh duhhh i knew that
boy: sure you did, and you probably knew that a "wall" on facebook isn't really a wall
girl: it isn't, i mean DUHH
boy: wow girls are really STUPID
girl: oh like boys aren't
boy: no boys actually are not unlike some1 that i have been talking to for the past 49.78 seconds
boy: see how could i be dumb if i know decimals!?!?!?
girl: oh i know decimals too just not in that way
boy: then in what way
girl: this way...
tang top: 14.09
cute denim jeans 60.12
head peice 12.99
boy: wow just becuase it's in a stupid way i guess your right
girl: excuse me i'm what???
boy:(uses a whisper) your right!!!
girl: what was that i'm sorry i can't hear you!!!

boy:your right!!! my gosh any louder and i think god will hear us!!!
boy: are we done here???
girl: no i have something else to tell you to make you even more dumber
boy: oy what now???
girl: what does: will you be my BF: mean???
boy: i don't know your anoyying me now i'm leaving

the boy walked away and wished for tomorrow to come

the girl smiled and said to herself
girl: boys are such idiots

True love is hidden between some people!!!