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It's cool to take a deep breath
My name is Crystal. Im 13 years old.
I was born on 2/15/98 and have been loving my life ever since.
I was blessed with an amazing family and friends. Everyday I wake up and live for the lord.
I'm a cheerleader. I love to tumble. God gave me a special talent for drawing. 

I know God has a very special plan for me, and that's what gets me through the day.

My people are the best people
Well what can I say these kids get me through the day.
I don't really know where I'd be without them, they make me laugh and smile when no one else can.
 I'm so lucky they're in my life. Well, I guess it's time I name them.
Charles Askew, Camden Snider, Breeana Anderson, Taylor Ellison.
They are by far the best people in the world. And I love them with all my heart.


Quotes by crystaleu12

want to maka
Search engine called tap, so when people
wanto search something they'd say, 

Hold on, "let me tap that."

Penguincan't fly,
I can't fly...
Therefore, apenguin. 

Mine I believe. (:

Evergiris jealous,
Of someone. So, next time you're looking at someone and thinking, " I wish was that pretty," remember someone is thinking that about you.

I likplanking vertically.
and I am good at it! I call it...
not my format.

Refrigerator full of food.. 
Closet full of clothes; and nothing to wear.

And nothing to get on.. That's just life. 

To see what time it is but then checking it a second time because you weren't
paying attention the first time. ♥

format credit; jayciecutie01

Am I the only one,

That when I go somewhere in public I ask myself, "I wonder how many
witty girls are here.


I realized, alot of restaurants;
Say, "No shirt, no shoes, no service" but they never said anything about,

Admit it this is,
how  we  e xplain  a  conversation;

I was like- and she was like -
then i was like -- and she was like --

Weird fact #3

Turtles can breathe through their butt.
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