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My Name Is Arielle
I love cupcakes& yeah thats pretty much it :) I'm 14 and that's not pretty much it, actually. My favorite color depends on my mood, my favorite animal is the llama, and I am single (haaha like that was unexpected). While on my profile I might sound really hyper sometimes I'm actually not hyper. I've been through some (what most people would say) "heart breaking" experiences. Now those "heart breaking" experiences are just normal & help make up parts of my personallity. I always say what's on my mind even if people don't want to hear it. You can talk to me when ever you want to. :)
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Quotes by cupcakes4eva

If I posted a story on here would any
of you read it? Comment please!
(it's about a guy and a girl stuck on
an island)

I found out that IHOP
stands for :
International House of Pancakes


IHOP sells eggs, so what if they made
a chain resteraunt called

International House of Eggs?
IHO . . 
Ohhh. That's why they haven't done that yet.


Good morning starshine! The earth says "Hello!"

-Willy Wonka-


You wanna here some bedroom humor? ;)

YOU DON'T!!???

Well I  guess it doesn't mattress.
Kristen Stewart at the KCA's

    (. _ .)

"I um I um thanks for this award
*holds up award* I uh um Katy Perry's
armor was amazing. I'd like to thank . . ."
*walks off stage.

If you win best actress award you can at least ACT happy about it.

I always think up senarios
that'll never happen
Who else has taken a
picture and then
that there was some creeper
in the backround?
got originallity?

What happens when I drop
an ice cube
1% - pick it up
99% - kick it under the fridge
and hope no one saw


Dear Google,
Please stop acting
like my mom and kindly
let me finish my sentence
before giving suggestions.

      Slightly annoyed