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My Name Is Arielle
I love cupcakes& yeah thats pretty much it :) I'm 14 and that's not pretty much it, actually. My favorite color depends on my mood, my favorite animal is the llama, and I am single (haaha like that was unexpected). While on my profile I might sound really hyper sometimes I'm actually not hyper. I've been through some (what most people would say) "heart breaking" experiences. Now those "heart breaking" experiences are just normal & help make up parts of my personallity. I always say what's on my mind even if people don't want to hear it. You can talk to me when ever you want to. :)
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Quotes by cupcakes4eva

The things your tattoos can scream

Tattoos all over your face:
Boy oh boy do I need alot of attention
like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
365 days a year. I blame my parents.

The "I <3 mom" tattoo :
I have no imagination

The lower back tattoos :
Alot of guys/girls have seen
the rest of this tattoo cause I'm
just that cool.

At my sisters soccer game
Little girl: Can I have a snack?

Me: Sorry I don't have any snacks
to give you :(

Little girl: I hate my tummy.

Me: Why?

Little girl: Because when it wants
food it makes growly noises.

Me: Really?

Little girl: Yeah it sounds like a dragon
except it's a hungry dragon  RAWR

So cute <3
If you meet someone
whether it be boy or girl,
when they start to REALLY
know you but are judgemental
about your personallity you
NEED to be strong enough
to walk away from them cause
they'll only tear you down <3

I find it kinda sad
that just a few years
ago eating food was
amazing and guilt free,
makeup was only worn at
sleepovers after being put
on blindly, and being judged
was very miminal.

Girls we need to all remember that
eating food ISN'T bad for your figure
it just makes you healthy, makeup isn't
really necesscary because YOU ARE ALL
BEAUTIFUL, and people can try to bring
you down but you gotta be above them <3

Friend: A german . . . terrorist?

Me: HAHAHAHAH no. Tourist.
Both of us: AHAHAH

My life is amazing :)
My cousin and I
were texting each
other and he said
"I'd rather date a girl
with small boobs than
a small heart."

If you simply just
smile at someone who
looks like they're having
a bad day and give them
a little bit of hope, you may
have just saved a life.

Think about that next time
you walk by someone feeling
or feeling depressed please <3
While I may not change
the past I can change my

attiude about it.
My facial expression says:
I don't care
My brain says:
I don't care
My lips form the words:
I don't care

But my heart says:
Yes you do, stupid.
I wish I could meet
a guy who would . . .

hold my hand,
kiss me in the rain,
hug me behind the waist,
have "I love you more fights"
with me

actually text me back.
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