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You should be careful with what you say to people because you never know what is behind that smile. </3
So my boyfriend is going to jail because his ex's mom put a restraining order on him and they were at a party together and someone took a picture of them toegther and sent it to her mom! I am not asking for any faves or comments I am just putting this up to vent.! I need someone to vent to.This is very upsetting to me and I really dont know how to deal with it. To me I know he is the one that I will end up marrying.

I love how you can make me smile when I am having a bad day.  I love lookng into your eyes and know that I am staring into my future wife. I love being with you every minute of my life and no matter whats going on around me you are there by my side. I love kissing your soft lips and tasting the sweetness in them. I love the fact that you are truly everything I dream of in a girl and I am really grateful and happy about it. 
What my boyfriend says he loves about me :) <3
I think he is a keeper. :) <3 
If I had a penny for everytime you swore I would could afford to go to Harvard.
My answer for everything!!
Friends:I love you!
Me: Your face loves you!
Firends:Your books fell
Me: Your face fell
Friends: what is for homework?
Me: Your face
Friends: was your vacation?
Me: your face
Friends:what is your favorite sport?
Me: Your face
as you can see your face is my answer ;)
That awkward moment when your ex boyfriend shows up to your softball practice!!! AWKWARD!!!
It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. <3

I only want to be with you twicenow, and


Facebook is just a way of saying happy birthday without sending a birthday card. :) 


MeSo when I am 80 years old and have grey hair are you gonnd think that I look ugly if you are my husband?
Him:  You'll always look pretty to me.





I Love you Corey!!!!!!!!