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heyy world, it's emma:)

first of all, i'm 13 years old and completely

addicted to witty- i'm not sure if it's healthy...

and texting. i do trackk and horseback

ridingg. .i can't live without my besties- who are 

spunkyadamluver, xoliviaa475, soccergirlie13, lajsoccergal21, JAcobblack9897. Check them out!

Love you wittyers! Stay beautiful <3


Quotes by cutecrew1234

I'd tell you I miss you but I don't know how... 

I've never heard silence

quite this loud


that awkward


when you're being really weird in a store, then you look up:

"oh sh*t, security





Dear teachers,

Our brains are in summer mode. You really shouldn't expect any more work out of us.

{Fave if you agree!}

Am i thonlone,
That runs around on my heels after I paint my toenails?

*not my format

hate iwhen  

your walking with flip flops on and 

somebody steps on them



that they ruin
by way overplaying it
on the radio 

Aftea fight,
99% of people will calm down
and think over what happened
1% will siaround anthink
of better comebacks that they
could have used
fave if youtha1%. (:


have pointed out my flaws again,
 >>as if i don't already see them<<

PPain <<

to me, fearless isn't not having fears. It's not that your not afraid of anything. I think fearless is having a lot of fears but you jump

-taylor swift

[{not my format}]

Toda is national blame someone else day.
i think i'll have some fun with this one.