Status: feeling horribly depresed, as if my world is crumbling around me.
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To inifinty and beyond ∞
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Hey, Im Karla, Im An Ordinary Girl From Florida(: Im friends with sarah (Sarahsworld8) she made me join this site and i dont regret it(: im my own person and proud

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Being asleep is like being high with your eyes closed!
(Dont ask me how I know what thats like)
"What went wrong, i lost a friend, some where along in the bitterness and i would have stayed up with you all night, had i known how to save a life." - LYRICS BY: THE FRAY. My sister has been dead for a few weeks, hit by a drunk driver. She was my best friend, and ,the only reason i remain alive. I am dead inside, and want to die also. I dont know what to do. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment, i really do begg of you. :(
Someone, please help me, im in a well, drowning, and the water is rising, faster and faster. I dont know what to do with myself. Iv tried to hang myself, but i got caught. Iv had my heart ripped out of my chest, taped to a target, and shot with poison tipped bullets of broken love, more than once. I am that dead racoon lying in the road that everyone just ignores and keeps driving over, and i wait for someone to come and help, to pick up the pieces of what is left of me, and put them back together. Im a skinny little nobody, that no one cares about, that everyone hates, and everyone at school thinks is anerexic or belimic, and wants me dead. Someone, please help, im dying, faster than ever, still stuck in this well, still drowning, feeling the pain and the hatred, sinking down to hell, please help me.
I lie in wait, in wait for someone to come be my rainbow after the storm. But I am just a dead racoon in the road, awaiting someone to come and save me from hell.

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A drunk guy puts his phone on airplane mode. then he yells: TRANSFORM DANM IT !

" I knew he was trouble when he walked in "
If I knew he was trouble when he walked in, I would have said : Boy, you betta turn your a** around and walk right back out that door, im not Taylor Swift, I dont date boys who want me to date them, just so they can break up with me to get a song written about them. I mean, seriously, Taylor, get a life, and stop dating boys who are total retards and just want to be famous. Get a life, and a brain. All you girls out there, I love Taylor Swift's music, but shes an idiot, dont grow up and be like her.
If you watch JEFF DUNHAM, leave a comment with details about your favorite episode, so i know which one your talking about.
That akward moment when your eatimg lays potato chips on the bus home from school, everything gets silent, and for some reason, you decide to keep eating, but louder than before.
At my school, there was a fight between two girls, and the next day at lunch, the principle lectured us the entire time. He line up noys for lunch first, then girls, so girls had like, 5-minutes to eat. He screamed at all of us, and made us all late for next period. And the entire time he lectured us, i sat there the entire time, saying to my friends and i: I DONT GIVE A FU CK!!!! :D