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Quotes by cutekidddx3

You can pretend we're strangers,

But i've seen you naked.


You're just one of those people i know
i ' l l    n e v e r    b e    a b l e    t o    f o r g e t
 ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥

When you forget about her,
you better not remember about me.

"Don't frown. Someone might be falling in love

And i finally realized why it didn't work out with you.
Why you broke my heart and left me crying.
Cause now i've found someone better.
Some one who treats my like i matter.
And  you  know  what?
He makes me forget

a l l ; a b o u t ; y o u

I think i'falling for you(:

* In  my  oppinion
"f a t e"
can only take you so far
o n c e - y o u ' re - t h e r e
you   have   to   start
Making thinghappen<3