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Quotes by cutieboy95

when you feel so alone and theres nothing you can do about it..
im nothing...
no one cares
thousands of tears will be cryed,
thousands of lies will be lied,
thousands of hearts will be broken,
thousands of words will be left unspoken...<3

all mine.. 
i dont even give myself a chance.. why would he. 
i have good days and i have bad days...
i hate always being depressed. no one cares.. and no one ever will.
no guy will ever care about me and no one understands how i feel,
they just judge me for it. i cant handle it anymore. </3 
im broken
no one really cares... i was dumd to thinkg they ever did. </3
if only people knew how i really feel.
then what would they think of me...?
iw ish he would have just me come into my life already.
the feeling when you like him, and he doesnt feel the same..., then your like what do i do now. </3