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heyy pplz Im 15 and i live in Attleboro~Massachusetts!!! i love Hanging out wit mah friends,goin shopping, goin to the moviez,to the mall,listenin to music, Danin n singin and of corse talkin on the fone! NaMe ~ Kellie AgE ~ 15 BiRtHdAtE ~ November 2,1990 HaIr ~ Im a blonde and it shows!! :] EyEs ~ green HeIgHt ~ 5`3 WeiiGhT ~ 115 pounds

Quotes by cutiegurl2455

Loving someone is:

Knowing the song in their heart and
singing it to them when they forget it <33

{{from an awesome moviee!! THE BREAKFAST CLUB }}
Heyy look - - My alphabets left me a message..
Umm Hunn .. Your eating cherrios!

^ haha i kno stupid.. but i thought it was funni
I'm hooked on you
I need a fix
I can't take it
Just one more hit
I promise I can deal with it
I'll handle it, quit it
Just one more time
Then that's it
Just a little bit more to get me through this
It's like I can't breathe
It's like I can't see anything
Nothing but you
I'm addicted to you
It's like I can't think
Without you interrupting me
In my thoughts
In my dreams
You've taken over me
What you see's not what you get
With you there's just no measurement
No way to tell what's real from what isn't there
Your eyes they sparkle
That's all changed into lies that drop like acid rain
You washed away the best of me
You don't care
u say u love me
u say u care..
then why are u with her
over there
u say u need me
that u never did lie
then why is it so hard for u
to look me in the eye
u say she ment nothing
juss a stupid mistake- -
then how come I feel
like the stupid mistake.
There is nothing you can say
Sorry doesn't cut it, babe
Take the hint and walk away
'Cause I'm gone
Doesn't matter what you do
It's what you did that's hurting you
All I needed was the truth
Now I'm gone
&&i thought i loved you.boy please .