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about me;
the names Racheal.
13 years young.
imma HUGE belieber♥(cant explain it)
currently im single

 My favorite color is purple but i have 3 others as well (blue, lime green and black) when i write my name i use all lower case letters(just bczzz) i like wearing two different colored socks(or just plain funky socks) My favorite shoe is converse. i love reading.and i am not one those girls that wears uggs! i struggle to find words to describe how i feel.My dream date is to go to the BEACH!!!! ands watch the sunset. i love the beach;) my dream is to become a singer, honestly its my absolute favorite thing, i live and breathe music i actually have a wrist band that says music is my life(its so true) i have always believed in love. i fell in love with the idea of love iguess.haha ik weird but at least i'm always me!i love dogs (so CUTE!!) i'm sorry but i dont really like cats (its not like if you were my friend i wouldnt like your cat or something) imma t-shirt and jeans kinda girl (always will be) i going to try to "expand" my wardrobe but who knows?!?!? i'm a sucker for brown eyes (the so cute). i love when a guy has dimples and a sweet smile. he has to be funny (love to laugh..A LOT) he has to be down to earth i like black or brown hair(mostly brown) and lastly i want a guy who wants to fall in love to<143 i wear flavored lipgloss (mostly)i dont like purses(on me) i love my family, my dad is everything to me. my mom died when i was three years old and things havent been the same since but were still working on it. i'm a really happy person but can get really upset(easily) and i guess i'm REALLY COMPLICATED to figure out. but if i really like you then i will tell you everything. if i type in full words and not OMG, TTYL, BTW words then you know im 100% serious. i hope to get married on the beach to "the one". i think love is the closest thing we have to magic here on earth. and i love my life and everybody in it:) love ya guys<!43(thats my sig the:
<!43 or <143

dislikes; sticky things that stick to your feet:b, rude people, PMS,  haters (of anything..its not cool to hate), death, being glumm,uggs, and doors(so overrated:) and people who think people are ugly because i personally believe that everyone is absolutley GORGEOUS!!!! yup thats me:)<143
likes;  justinbieber♥♥,being different,basketball,friends, family,memories(the good oness), laughing(ALOT), jersey shore, usher, good moviess(example:Rocky 1-6<3), Music is my inspiraion and life :taylor swift,avril lavgine, lil wayne, jaaaaaysonn deruloooo, , WITTY, swimming, CAPRISUN<3 CSI:Miami, SpongebobSquarepants, water, EMINEM, boyslikegirls, LMFAO, owlcity, MICHEAL JACKSON, cobrastarship, ludacris, cookies;;chocolatechip:) taio cruz, katy perry,Paramore, the ready set,I LOVE TAKING SHOWERS!!!!! (dont ask) and a loooooot more<3(: the most important thing in my life is love though<143

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Quotes by cutiepie303

L ove
O nly
V enomizes
E veryone

We all have our time machines

some take us back, there called memories

and some take us forward, there called


We are all graveyards

we squat amongst the tombs of the people

we once were.

Only as high as i reach can i grow

Only as far as i see can i go

Only as deep as i look can i see

Only as much as i dream can i be
Fairytales used to give me hope because in the end the princess always got her prince but now they just remind me of whats never going to happen...
Hey Witty guys and gals...i wanted to tell you that im working on my singing career and i have loaded videos of me singing on youtube my user name is::::: music lasts a lifte time....(there are no spaces and life is spelled with a t between the f and e) Please subscribe to my channel. I would like you to follow me on my journey from this small town (to me) to breaking out of my shell and becoming is up to all of you<3 but im not giving up i promise you that:P

Check me out and please comment.... It would mean the world to me and i would like to thank all my supporters that have been there since day one.... love you all<!43
Listen to me....when someone tells you you cant do something i want you to turn around look them straight in the eye and say "yes i can!" when someone tells you you cant do something its because they cant do it and they dont want to see you succeed. Life is what you make it so make it the life YOU want to live not what everyone else only get one shot at life and its hard but its all worth it in the end...every little mistake you made, every decision it all adds up to who you become...  

September 25th,2000

-this is the day my mother died of PPH (Primary Pulmonary Hypertension) its a disease where the arteries around your heart constrict and make it hard to breathe. I was only three years old when she died. she was only 32. Its a very rare disease only 1 or 2 people get it out of every two million people. I found out today that i might have inherited it from my mom. I have big dreams to become a singer when im older and i plan to get married and have kids. My life might now be limited. i might never get married and if i did i wouldn't want to have kids because they wouldn't have a mother and i don't know if ill make to the age where i will become a singer. My dad held my mom when she passed. Im only thirteen and i still have a life i want to live. Please pray for me<3 Please and thank you for reading<3


Favorite this if you wish you could just skip Valentines Day this year.</3 

I want to be the reason for that beautiful smile
I want to be the only reason you don't give up and keep trying
I want to be the only thing holding you together
I want to be the one that wipes away your tears
When you eyes light up i want to be the light in them
I want to be the first person on your mind when you wake up and the last right before you go to sleep
I want to be the one you call and text and email 24/7

I want to be everything you were to me....