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 Hello! Please comment, favorite and tell me your opinions of my quotes if you'd like. 
Most of my quotes are ones  make up because of my own exper ienes,  and opinions
I also have some quotes from certain movies and books. 
 Thank you. <3



Quotes by cutiepie6264u

I wish everyone could see the beauty that they have in themselves, not only the beauty in others
I dont know about everyone else but
i want a guy that will Never love me
more than he loves God
The Feeling you get when..
you catch him looking at you
when you were looking at him <3
The moment when you
receive a text from
the guy you like. <33

Fairytales; give kids the wrong idea not always will you be in love and you don't need to be in love to be happy.. not always will you love someone  that's attractive.. and usually you don't fall in love in one day and get married the next 
it takes time...

i LOVE Fairy tales Its true though..

Oh how he loves us. <3
God Loves us very much and he's always there :)

Bad days make the good days better..

-How do you know.
Never be afraid of something new.
Remember: amateurs built the ark..
Professionals built the Titanic.. <3

not mine but was i was in love with it <3
There is a time for silence
There is a time waiting your turn
But if you know how you feel
and so clearly know what you
need to say you'll know it.
I don't think you should wait
I think you should. .
Speak now. :] - Taylor Swift.
Just a Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. .

favorite If you love or remember Mary Poppins <3