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Most of my quotes are ones  make up because of my own exper ienes,  and opinions
I also have some quotes from certain movies and books. 
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Quotes by cutiepie6264u

I Love how i can act like myself around him. . <3 <3
I hate  it when. .
people ask if they could look at your phone
look through the text messages you've
had with the guy you like
Yeah, I love going to school..
or in other words
( I love being able to see him)

& I Finally get over him.. but, then he texts me...

Don't  you hate it when. .
you are home alone in the bathroom
and you run out of toilet paper...?
ok . . so on my birthday my friends always try to be the first to tell me happy birthday and this year one of my friends called me said happy birthday asked if she was the first one and i said no because she wasn't and the guy i like was... <3
Guys don't realize how. .
long it takes for a girl
to get over them
I Love how I can act like a complete fool
around  him and he just Smiles. . <3 <3

Is It just me. .
or does every referee favorite
the other team?
Do you ever wonder. .
if when you are thinking of the
guy you like he is thinking about