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“I’d rather be a kid and play with paper planes, than being a man and playing with a women's heart.” -Niall Horan

"Life is a funny thing the minutes you've got everything figured out something comes along and turns it all upside down." -Zayn Mailk
"The worst thing a boy could do to a girl? Well personally, I think it's to ignore her while she is loving you with all her heart" -Liam Payne
"I wish I had a girl to cuddle up to at night rather than my pillow." -Harry Styles
“Live fast, have fun, be a bit mischievous” -Louis Tomlinson

Sarah, 15.
Not much to know. Everything comes out in my quotes.
I'm always here to talk, If you need help, just ask.
You're beautiful♥

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My dentist
Once told me that letting go is like pulling a tooth. WHen it was pulled out, you're relieved, but how many times does your tongue run itself over that spot where the tooth once was? Probably a hundred times a day. Just because it was not hurting you doesn't mean yuo did not notive it. It leaves a gap and sometimes you see yourseld missing it terribly. It's going to take a while, but it takes time. Should you have kept the tooth? No, because it was causing you so much pain. Therefore move on and let go.

nmq/f I just love this quote so i decided to put it up.


What if I just turn out to be
'just another ex' ?

scary thought.
Guess what witty?
im in the shower right nowwwe(:

»That risky naked run
From the bathroom to the bedroom. 

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I can't listen to certain songs, go to certain places, and do certain things because it reminds me of you. . .

But that doesn't mean im not over you.,
It means I still remember you, but memories

stay in the past.

True story.
My friend: Okay, let's try this again.. Are you over him?
Me: *Sniffles* Psh, oh yeah, totally. On to the next one.
My friend: Good! I'm thirsty, let's get water.
My friend: Here we go again.
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