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Quotes by cutikinz37

Best friend conversation
Boy: smile
Girl: Nothing to smile for
Im full of tears, fears,and thoughts.thats what is left of me.
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Convo between the guy i like
him: lauren your beautiful
me: i wish
him: if i was ur boyfriend i would teach you like a princess
Me: im single
Him: really
Me: yes
Him: lauren will you be mine?
I hate when girls think you talk about them behind there back
yet you have never talked to them in person or even know what they look like
girls theses days
The guy you have been dying to go out with
And over time became your best friend
and he texts hi gorgeous and u fall more
and the next second he asks you out :)
Having you in my life makes everything better but once you leave everything goes crashing down
Just know that you are beautiful\handsome. It doesn't matter what anyone else says
Being slient is what i do best
I feel like trust is a word
you use when u have known a person forever
knowing you every secret has gone out
that I have told you
drama starts, tears break out,and losing starts

being me is who i am
if you dont like it grow up
stop acting like a five year old
be the person i knew you as before you changed for him