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Hello darling.♥
I'm Noelle.(:
What's there to know about me.? Well, i'm 14, i blow the candles out on December 19. i live in New York and in the absolutely worst town .. ever. i'm your average teenage girl, with a few exceptions. i have 3 siblings. 1 sister, 1 stepsister, & 1 stepbrother. When i was 7, my mom passed away. My dad is currently engaged and she is so nice, but like any other mom, shes annoying. Anyway, i love music. i listen to a variety of things. Eminem, Taylor Swift, Hollywood Undead, Ke$ha, Paramore & All Time Low are some of my favorite bands/singers. My bestfriends are what keep me going. i have a best guy friend that i can tell anything to, no i dont like him.  Summer is my season. Soccer & Basketball are my sports. Hunger Games Trilogy .. best books ever. Read them.
i don't judge and if anyone ever needs to talk, feel free to leave a comment, i'll always answer. i also like making new friends, so talk to me and get to know me. :D
Goodbye loves.♥

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Quotes by dReAmxOuTxLoUd

i don't want to stop being your friend. 

I  just  think  that  maybe,   we  should  take  a  break.

we've been with each other so much lately,
that we're at the point where we both want 
to push each other off of a cliff.



Excuse  me

for thinking that we were friends. i don't want to throw away
all of our fun times. Our sleepovers, going to the mall,
taking retarded pictures, borrowing clothes, doing
eachothers hair/make-up, etc. your my bestfriend & i
don't want to loose you. But you're making it so hard
to hold onto a string thats halfway broken.


I just love how,
you're supposed to be my bestfriends, but you just keep putting me down.



It might just be a joke,
But  both  of  you  are  getting   on  my  nerves.  
i  don't  like  to  joke  that  way.
And  it  sad that  you  guys  don't  realize  
how  much  it  hurts  me.


Admit it

We all know that one girl we just want to
push down a flight of stairs, and hope it hurts.



"You're not alone, together we stand.
i'll be by your side you know i'll take your hand.
When it gets cold, & it feels like the end.
There's no place to go, you know i won't give in.



Great Friends
are hard to find, difficult to leave, & impossible to forget. ♥

Admit it

Summer's here, and all we really want is
that special summer romance with



Your my bestfriend,
but your probably number 1 on
the "people i can't trust" list.


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