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Hello darling.♥
I'm Noelle.(:
What's there to know about me.? Well, i'm 14, i blow the candles out on December 19. i live in New York and in the absolutely worst town .. ever. i'm your average teenage girl, with a few exceptions. i have 3 siblings. 1 sister, 1 stepsister, & 1 stepbrother. When i was 7, my mom passed away. My dad is currently engaged and she is so nice, but like any other mom, shes annoying. Anyway, i love music. i listen to a variety of things. Eminem, Taylor Swift, Hollywood Undead, Ke$ha, Paramore & All Time Low are some of my favorite bands/singers. My bestfriends are what keep me going. i have a best guy friend that i can tell anything to, no i dont like him.  Summer is my season. Soccer & Basketball are my sports. Hunger Games Trilogy .. best books ever. Read them.
i don't judge and if anyone ever needs to talk, feel free to leave a comment, i'll always answer. i also like making new friends, so talk to me and get to know me. :D
Goodbye loves.♥

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Quotes by dReAmxOuTxLoUd

1.) a painful experience that leaves teenage girls feeling regretful and doubtful. It hurts so bad and makes you paranoid and second guess everything.
2..) a wonderful thing that can leave a teenage girl feeling like the world is in her hands. It can make you smile the brightest and laugh the loudest.

3.) A realization of the phrase "you don't know what you've got until it's gone."
 4.) Him



 i don't care anymore.


i  too chance ,
i  took  a  sho.

& you might think i'm
but im not.

not my format.
*for schoool so my friend can copy it into a powerpoint.

The current methods of how we get our food are raising cattle, fishing or fish farming, and slaughtering. These all have positive and negative effects on the environment. The positive effects of raising cattle are that the cows give us the milk and meat we need to eat/drink in order to get the proper nutrients.  The negative impacts are that some farmers give hormones to their cattle so they can produce more meat which gives the farmers a better profit. Although, the hormones given to the cows are bad for us and can make us sick. The positive effects of fishing are that fish provide significant nutrition and health benefits for consumers worldwide. Fish Farming is a profitable industry and many nations use it as a major source of income. Seafood makes a great export for many countries and fish farming provides job opportunities for citizens. The negative impacts are that
people are over fishing and this has led to the breakdown of some sea ecosystems. Uneaten fish feed, excrement and chemicals used for disease and parasite control can flow from a fish farm's pens into the surrounding water.There is the spread of disease and parasites and a prey fish population depletion. Slaughtering of animals, the last major method we use to get our food. There is a pollution control during the slaughter, preparation, and processing of the carcasses. For human consumption, vets examine before and after slaughter to ensure the safety of slaughtered animals. Not anybody can slaughter animals, butchers are legally qualified and liscensed for the profession. There is a proper dealig of the slaughter remains. These are all positive impacts of slaughtering animals. The negative impacts are that there is an impact of health implications of the community and families in the absense of a veterinary inspection. Another negative impact is that the spoilage of carcasses not in cool areas and presence of high temperature in the slaughter site are exposured to pollutants such as dust and car exhaust smoke. 
i'm really going to miss you
During the summer i might see you once or twice?
i know its only 2 and a half months but for me
not seeing you that long seems like a lifetime.
i'm gonna miss being at my locker and looking
right across the hall and seeing you, all the  time.
talking to you, walking to classes with you, & no one
could make me laugh like he does. no one could make
me smile like he can. and he doesnt even have to say
anything to make me smile. when im with him
it just automatically h a p p e n s. seeing your
deep dark brown eyes makes me get these
uncontrollable butterflies in my stomach.
and when i glance over at you, and see you
[ l o o k i n g b a c k ]
it makes me feel so happy inside and a feeling
i cant even explain. but i'm scared hes going to
for get all about me. boy, you have know idea
how much i'm going to miss you

not mine & from my oldd witty.<33
p e a c e
it does not mean to be in a place
where there is [ no noise ], trouble
or hard work.      it means to be in
the  midst  of  those  things  &  still
be calm in your heart

from my friends old witty.♥
There’s a little truth
Behind every jk.
There’s a little curiosity
Behind every jw.
There’s a little knowledge
Behind every idk.
And there’s a little emotion
Behind every idc.

took from my old witty !♥
You know what's pathetic ..?
the fact that i wasted my time,
on you.
not my format.
Making quotes in tech class with Kelly & Taylor .. NBD.

Dear Obnoxious Teenage Boys,

Uhhm, no, i'm not on my period. That's next week. So if
you think im moody now, your really 
screwed when i actually am.

Sincerely, annoyed teenage girls.

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