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Hello darling.♥
I'm Noelle.(:
What's there to know about me.? Well, i'm 14, i blow the candles out on December 19. i live in New York and in the absolutely worst town .. ever. i'm your average teenage girl, with a few exceptions. i have 3 siblings. 1 sister, 1 stepsister, & 1 stepbrother. When i was 7, my mom passed away. My dad is currently engaged and she is so nice, but like any other mom, shes annoying. Anyway, i love music. i listen to a variety of things. Eminem, Taylor Swift, Hollywood Undead, Ke$ha, Paramore & All Time Low are some of my favorite bands/singers. My bestfriends are what keep me going. i have a best guy friend that i can tell anything to, no i dont like him.  Summer is my season. Soccer & Basketball are my sports. Hunger Games Trilogy .. best books ever. Read them.
i don't judge and if anyone ever needs to talk, feel free to leave a comment, i'll always answer. i also like making new friends, so talk to me and get to know me. :D
Goodbye loves.♥

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Person: What are the hunger games about?
Me: 24 kids being forced to murder each other
its not as weird as it sounds I swear

and your the boy i want to

get stuck on top of the ferris

wheel with,

  just so i could push you off

Format by Sandrasaurus


to people in cars when your walking
on the street
and getting excited when they wave back


I saw two homeless guys making out. They must have been hobosexuals. *slap's knee*


 I'm bored.
So fave for a tbh

Dear creators of really scary/ creepy movies

What goes
through your mind
   For you to think of things THAT MESSED UP?

       im concerned

my format

Wanna hear a joke,
about cats?
Just kittin(; 


Im not single, im in a long distance relationship,

My boy friend lives in the future

The biggest lie I tell myself is:

"I don't need to write that down,I'll remember it."