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I love to danceee<3
I'm 16
I love Justin Bieberr
I'm 16 and single;)



Quotes by daNcerXoxO

can someone talk to me? i really need to talk to someone.

*Insert One Direction quote here*

The weekly procrastinators meeting has been postponed.

Thank you Steve.
For listening to us. No matter what. For letting us say what we need to without judgment. Even when we were shallow, stubborn, annoying, and at our lowest points. Thank you for letting us meet amazing people that will help us with everything. For making a safe place for that girl to gain enough courage to stop cutting her beautiful skin. And for the other girl to stop starving herself. Thank you for giving us our self- confidence back when we needed it most. Witty has changed my life more than you will know. It's part of my life now and I will never forget it. And I know you probably won't see this, but in case you do-


Sometimes I grab my boob because, well,
I can.

My best guy friend just called me the C word.

I have no idea what to do.

I hate all of these quotes about society.

we are society.

so do something about it instead of complaining.

Online shopping gives me a reason to live

7 to 10 more business days.

damn, I've faved so many of these    

and i still don't know what name sounds good with mine.


Would you rather

Love someone that doesn't love you back


Someone love you that you don't love back