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those days when

you feel so alone...


+& Don't you dare say I'm the worst daughter ever, don't you dare say i act like HER, don't you dare say you don't want me in your presence, don't you dare yell at me for making you cry, because you make me cry every sing day, don't you dare yell at me anymore, because i just don't want you too, I just want you to be my mother again, the person I looked up to, the person who wasn't mean to my father, the person who didn't insult me for everything i do, the person that appreciated the effort of me trying to help you, even if im not doing it right, the person who never said i did any thing wrong, the person who cared if i cried, the person who would hug me & kiss me daily, the person who i could talk to about anything.....mommy, what is going on, where have you GONE?
"you're the best mother i could ever ask for, you're a great person, with a heart of gold, i love you" just when you yell at me, and cause me pain,[24/7] those words could never slip out of my mouth...ever again.


Dear Mommy,

please hear my cry, please go back to the mom i loved ..............


Dear God,
I know it sounds crazy

but all i want for christmas is for my mom to come back to me
and not be as violent & depressing & heartbreaking as she is now</3..

i just want her healthy & to be the best mom in the world, like she used to be;

God, please help me with this prayer.. 

please answer it, please guide my family.