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This is my new profile...because my friends found my other one :P Hm.. Hey!:) Laney here<3.   14 years old. (lamest age). small town. struggling with love. LOVE my best friend Brandyn (the blonde in most my pix below)  love music, country rap, hip hop, etc. math is awful.Im guy crazy,but always threaten to go lesbian. love fourwheelin. pop rocks. and the LAKE. plan to be a marine bioligist one day and adopt an african baby. plan to be in the peace corps<3.
So...list of favorites.
*favorite rapper-eminem<3
*favorite country singer-Scotty McCreery<3.
*favorite TV show- Modern Family.
*favorite color-HOT PINK<3.
*favorite Store- Victorias Secret<3
*favorite person-MOMMY<3
btw the lil girl below is NOT my daughter...haha she is my friends little sister...and surprisingly at the age of 2 she has helped me through so much and i love her to death :) and im the one on the far left on the trampoline. and the guy im with in my picture is my brother that has autism (just to clarify things) :)
WWell, let me see...I am a 14 year old girl trying to find a place in this world, like most of us. Im a teenager and only human which means i make a ton of bad mistakes. I lost of ton of fake friends, but realized its better to have a small amount of real friends then a ton of fakes. I try to distance myself from the kids in  my school, because they are way too judgemental. and i spend most of my time with my best friend Brandyn if she is with her dad...(Only on weekends) :( or with my other best friend chloe<3. sundays are always spent with family. My parents just split after 20 years...and so im not that trustworthy. Im in a tough spot right now and witty helps me all the time. I tried NOT to trust love...but the more you try to avoid heartbreak you run into love. I write alot<3 but i will never leak a word to any of my family or friends. (except chloe or brandyn). 
Blah blah blah. Im not sure what to say...umm im just like all of you other girls. trying ot find an escape from the reality we live in. My life isnt as bad as i make it seem. it could be much worse, but to a teenage girl nothing can be worse. Um. well lets see..i spend my friday nights at my best friends house. or just chillin at home<3 I go to the mall every saturday. and dink off. I spend my sundays with my family. I couldnt live without my lipgloss, my uggs or my cute hats<3. (hats are my weaknesses). I love dr pepper and skittles. and I hate math. my favorite subject is science,which is most of my classmates least favorite class. haha. I actually dont mind shop and love gym<3l. so comment :) and i just want to let you all know i love you guys :) and if you ever need someone to talk a good listener :) and obviously a good talker as well ^ love you all :)
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Please watch(:



So, Wittians,
yay or nay for long distance relationships. And not like 4 hours...but like states away?


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Don't get me wrong...
I love my mom...but I wish for once she would listen to my opinion before autimatically saying...NO.

 one day I am going to open a store right next to Forever 21 and call it FINALY 22.


Today I was at the park and a 5 year old boy came up to me and asked me if I could help him on the swing.
We ended up talking for like 15 minutes...cutest little boy ever.
Day made.



NOT gonna lie...
I am probably one of the most inescure girls I know.I am not the tiniest girl. And I am ashamed of my big boobs. But today this guy, an average guy, he noticed me, he winked, waved and snmiled. And that simple thing made my day.I felt like I was for once good enough to be noticed by a stranger

I love you mom.


  I dont hate him for the one thing he did wrong....
he's my dad I love him for all the things he did right.  ♥

My sister hates my dad for leaving my mom...but he is still a great dad. )=

When your best friend completely hints to your crush that you like him..

then she is all like "dont blush. OMG YOU BLUSHED." and you are just like...:"later. you. me.. im going to kill you haha." . ♥


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Dear Girl who is talking to my friend about how awful I am I am right behind me...SHUT UP.
I can hear you! 



My best guy friend just goes on and on about his girlfriend. 
Sheis so lucky. 

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