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Quotes by daisybug2000

It's hard, loosing someone so close to you, an outlet of your secrets.
How am I suppose to destroy what destroys me,
What destroys me...
Is me
Ok so I'm 13 but when I see other people Posting a relationship status As Complicated All I can do is thinks What did he do? Steal your animal crackers?
Ribs and bones is the key to skinny
Who ever said it was the key to beauty?
'You so fat'
I hear Ana say
'But don't worry, it will all go away'
'Oh, did you just eat that?' Mia asks
'Don't fret, I'll show you to properly dispose of that'
'Ribs and bone is all you need' they say
But how does she make the madness of her mind seep away?
When I logged onto witty
What I didn't expect was
People picking sides and stabbing eachother in the back like
World War 3
Is about to start.
You're going to get pitch slapped
So hard
Your man boobs are going to
~Fat Amy~
Fat Amy's way of logic:
(something bad happens) 
(A) It's just god punishing you for being a ginger
(B) Atleast you don't have herpies...Or do you have that too?
(C) Lesbi-honest here
(D) Atleast your not a ginger

It's never one that just dies
Anybody that dared to get involved With your life.
Once Upon A Time
The story didn't end happy, as most stories should. This stories about a girl who wanted to be happy, wanted to love herself but all she could see was a monster, such a tragedy that she was oh so pretty, yet no one saw past what the popular crowd said. This pretty young lady got tired of the torture, tired of the mirror, sick of the monster she kept seeing clearer. This little young girl was gone before you knew it, nobody could get through it. The popular crowd was gone in a while, a lot of parents lost their own child. This is the sad story called Suicide. Its never just one that dies, cause even then you can die on the inside