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Arina. I live in Toronto, Canada. I play guitar and write. I like punk, hardcore, metal, grunge, folk, industrial and cats. I'm interested in social sciences, music and art.

Quotes by dakotashine

hi so im like back
and i dont have long hair anymore and yeah
i like music if you forgot and i play guitar and stuff
i may be back for a while

I cant wait to have kids and make them do chores.

“you’re here to learn”
I’m here because it’s the freaking law
Okay, things to do on a beach to creep people out:
1. Stare at them.
2. Stare at them without blinking.
3. Look at them for as long as you can, then make sure they are looking, and pretend to be fascinated and write things down.
4. Ask them how they have been. 
5. "Have I seen you somewhere? Oh yeah! Red Tube!"
6. "Um, did you recently post pictures of yourself naked?"
7. "Oh, I follow you on tumblr!"
8. Throw rocks at them.
9. Come really close to them and say-"Oh, I like the way you smell!"
10. Take off your shirt and run into the water, yelling-"Feminism!"
11. Move to sit really close to them, and pretend to talk on the phone. Be like-"Oh, there's a hunk of hotness sitting next to me." Even if you are sitting next to an old lady or men.
12. If someone is going into the water, run after them.
13. Or simply, show them your scars.

Its hard to realize that Witty isnt all about quotes and funny chats.
Sometimes it becomes more than that.
Sometimes far more important things get involved.
Even the choice between life and death.
It hurts to think of what we have become.
We trust people we've never seen,
And try to hide from people that care the most.

I've been waiting for the summer to come,
but now I realize

I've got nothing to do for two months.

That awkward moment
for Directioners will be when
ou actually get to meet One Direction and they arent as amazing as they sounded and seemed, so you will make tons of excuses for it. Please stop talking about how amazing and beautiful they are.
You dont know them. They dont write the songs.
Okay? Thanks.

remember how on New Years eve we were all like-“oh, i’m gonna accomplish so much because this could be our last year on earth”

oh, yeah, look. 

nothing done

Do you ever wonder why you are here?

You'll ask me what I love more, you or him. 
I'll answer "him", and you'll walk away not knowing that I lied.
I love food more than either of you.