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Quotes by dakotavankessel

you just keep slipping away..
a little bit more everyday

Don't promise me that you are never gonna hurt me.. and then go do it ....your pathetic.
i'm tired of running after something that i'snt  there anymore .
i don't believe in fairytales .. but i believe in you and me <3
I'm afraid of changing because ..

i built my life around you.

the awkward moment when you realize...
you have under
10 followers :( </3


me- hey aly.. whats in that sylo?
aly- cowcorn..
me - whats it used for
aly - To feed the COWS?...

.. gotta love the stupid moments <3

Dear Chuck Norris
if you ever feel the need to beat someone up... please do it to my ex boyfriend who broke my heart ..
                 sincerely heart broken teenager

"you have that smile that only heaven can make.."
....more like .. you have that smile everyone hates ..