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Hey there wittians My name is Damon, I'm 15 years old from a small town in Florida. Wouldn't wanna tell you what city though.. stalkers ;) Anyways, hit me up! I'm pretty easy to get along with :)

Quotes by damon43

Finishing a series on Netflix and not knowing what to do with your life..
You never know someone until you have a conversation with them at 3am
Its crazy to think a year ago my life was completely different
I love it when.. #9
A girl has a good sense of humor, it makes her easier to talk to and I can joke around with her :)
if you need boy advice, or just wanna talk to someone.. comment here
I'm an expert on guys ;)
Clouds by Zach Sobeich is such a beautiful song :')
My first marriage will be my only marriage.
Youtube is so addicting.
One minute I'm watching a music video, then I'm learning how to make ice cream
I love it when... #8
A girl looks naturally gorgeous without makeup