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One Direction<333333
heey what should i write? First off, AHHHH i got a tumblr noww! follow me, im fresh--paradise and it's a great simple boho tropical summer blog and it would mean a lot thanks lovess <333 I am 14 years young and have been dancing for 12 years, yeah since i was 2!
I am completely and hopelessly in love with One Direction. I am proud to be a Directioner <3333. I love those boys so much and they're music, my dream is to meet them. I think i would just die and bawl my eyes out cause I am just...ughh i love them so much it hurts! :) <333333333333333 I saw Taylor Swift in concert, it was awesome but now my passion is One Direction sorry Taylor :)
I blow out my candles on April 3rd! I can't wait to go to high school and just leave all the middle school drama behind, UGHH! I typcially will tell you if there's a problem but I hate to see good friends fight, or couples. Its just cause I was that girl that got dumped like that ya know? That's why I don't judge!
Anywayss I'm a competition dancer and found my passion when I was 2 (i already said this right???), since then dance has been my life <3 Ooh! Almost forgot, I love playing guitar! I've been playing for 3 years lolol.
I'm always looking for new friends, i love making new friends! :) I'm not one to start drama or just put fuel in the fire. I hate it, I've been there and I don't feel like dealing with girls not being friends and talking about each other and acting fake. Plus I'm just soo insecure but then I'm confident like I switch, I always feel like people just don't like me and all my friends say like you're crazy shut up but then what they do and say just like come on...seriously? If someone just lived my life for one day they'd see why I can't put up with bullsh*t anymore! I can't wait to graduate, make new friends and get out of here!

Anyways I love a lot of stuff. That's just my personality i love everyone and everything.
Soo yeahh just comment, follow, i'll follow and comment back i promise! cyaaa lovebug :) <3

one direction ohmygosh <33333333 love them soooo much i don't even care that only like 4 people in my grade like them i love themmm sooooo muchh!!! <3333333

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I can't help it i love
the broken ones
The ones who need the most patching up
the ones who never been loved
never been loved
never been loved

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Thats Me In The Corner.
thats me in the spotlight,
losing my religion xx

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so what you

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T. R. U. S. T.

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it's easy for you to say; people like you, your best friends actually go to your school or live in your town, you can tell people anything and everything...without being judged and excluded and hated by your "bestfriends", everyone around you isn't fake, you have somewhere to turn, it's just that much easier for you.
i'm just in a bad place right now and need to talk
i just recently made up a name...stewart littlebox! so if u happen to see a seahorse, name him that for me! he will have three kids: stewart littlebox jr, stewart littlebox jr jr, and nordstrom <3