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RULES: You can only say yes once & no once. 

Are you beautiful _____... Are you lying? ____.

Just some inspirational quotes to make your day(:

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today a 6 year old boy saw me crying.
he ran up gave me a GIANT hug
& said
"im sorry my entire gender sucks"
and walked away

I Want
To Be That Girl
Who Turns Really
Over Summer
All The Boys
Are Like

When They See
Me In School
soml (RePostingDeletedByAccident)


They should invent

a treadmill with a laptop built

in and the internet wouldn't

work unless you were actually

walking and if you wanted to

download something you had

to run and the faster you run

the faster it downloads.

I'd buy it and lose so

much weight.

What  if  April  Fool' s  day  doesn’ t  exist  and  its  been  the  longest  prank  in  Histor?

The guy
I'm going to marry
Is doing
right now.


mom: you're beautiful
grandma: you have grown into such a beautiful young lady!

mom's friend: wow, she's flawless!
friends:  you're so pretty!

boys: call animal patrol I think we just discovered a rare breed of dog

^this made me laugh so much

i wonder if a boy
ever looks at me and thinks "wow, she's beautiful"

*Mom hands me phone to answer*
Me: Hello?
Telemarketer: Hello, is your mother home?
Me: I have no mother.
Her: Well can I speak to your father?
Me: Yeah, which one?
Her: Which one is home?
Me: Well they're both home..but I don't think you want to talk to Carlos. He just went through a breakup with his boyfriend, Antonio.
Her: Oh, so your fathers' names are Carlos and Antonio?
Me: No, no! My fathers' names are Carlos and Mark.
Her: So who's Antonio?
Me: I just told you, Carlos's ex.
Her: So Carlos was cheating?
Me: Yes, but that's only because Mark was cheating with Edith, our neighbor.
Her: So Carlos cheated only because Mark cheated?
Me: No, he THOUGHT Mark was cheating.
Her: So Mark wasn't cheating?
Me: I never said that.
Her: Yes, yes you did!
Me: No I didn't.
Her: Y-yes! You did!
Me: Did what?
Her: Y-you-Nevermind have a nice day, goodbye.

My mom's reaction=priceless.