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Quotes by dance4everatcsds

today we were talking
and hes very shy and we talk for like 5 minuets the most

and i said "k"(the convseration killer!)
knowing he would stop talking after that

he replied
and we talked for another hour <3


so yesterday 11/12/11
he started a conversation with me
11/11/11 the only day i didn't wish for him&my other 11:11 wishes come true<3

Hey Witty!
I need someone who wants to loose weight with me<3
Like a weight lose buddy :D

comment :)


anyone else on witty have an obsession with
like not  Jersey Shore type Italy
But like real Italy?
Comment :*

&as i walk out the door ready to cry
she follows me out and asks me why
i tell her its because she stole my guy
it will never be same between you&i </3

No chance
No way
I wont say I'm
In Love♥!/pages/%E1%83%A6-evry%D1%82%D0%BD%CE%B9ng-%D2%93or-yo%CF%85-%E1%83%A6/258764697467322

Please like
I take request<333
thank you guys so much :**

Today he told me he liked me...
One Problem..
He lives half way around the world </3