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Dance requires strength 
*Just like football*
Dance requires flexibility 
*Just like gymnastics*
Dance requires coordination 
*Just like soccer*
Dance requires quick feet 

*Just like basketball*

Dance is extremely difficult.

Dance requires talent, passion, and dedication.

So don't even try to tell me dance isn't a sport.

See this boy?
Yeah, he's just not any boy.

He's my inspiration

He inspires me to never give up on my dreams.

Because, he started out putting videos on
YouTube for his family, then got

not hundreds
not thousands
MILLIONS of views.
He's not only my inspiration

is my


Quotes by dancechic10


when you
and you're on your


So basically, if I spray Justin Bieber's woman's fragrance..

he will magically appear in my bedroom?

 Yup, I'm totally buying it.

30 Days of Justin Bieber

Day 2: When you became a Justin Bieber fan.

Um..I think it was like late 2009-early 2010.
Ever since then... I pleaged I will always be a Belieber

30 Days of Justin Bieber

Day 1: First song you ever heard by Justin Bieber .

One Time<3


 And all the haters I swear

They look so >small< from up here

                                                         -Justin Bieber~Bigger, My World.

It sounds to be that all the HATERS of Justin Bieber, just got dissed


 Like a good neighbor
is there


Justin Bieber


“If I'm arguing with my girlfriend, and it gets to the point where she starts crying; 
I'd shut up & hold her."

-Justin Bieber♥

I hate the new McDonald's

I just wanna know
what my 
 toy is.



who else thinks the

Coco Puffs

bird is on

some kind of


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