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every day we tell our selfs that we are better off without him  but then every moring we wake up and relize that we love him more  then  the day before<33

 i'm done with people shit talking, talk all you want bitches dosent make you better than me.

you make me smile;)

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when you have an unexpected death don't be make it hard just think that's better off and that what   they wanted and they don't want to see you suffer
i have gone days wen u just ignore......
wen u leave ....
and wen u hurt me, but this time im making a change im gonna forget about u instead of cry about you
Since the moment i saw you, i liked you. And the feeling grew stronger every day. but you'll never know because i don't have the courage to tell you.

HAve you ever been scared to go out with the one you love ............

because you think tht every one is gonna make fun of you ?

when I said ; i love you
                                you laughed and said;
                                                                     yeah what do u want me to do

                                          I LOVE YOU 2

have u ever had one of those freinds that u loved to be with and they understood u and ur whole and have ppl make fun of u for

if u have  comment and tell me hoow to et thru it.
why don't you under stand.......

that my world crashed  when you left<\3
ur locker is right next to mine
i flirt with u every day 
but u just don't get that i love u <33333