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Quotes by danceismylife6

She cries,
this is more then good bye,
when i look in your eyes 
your not even there</3
-Maroon 5.<3

And when i looked into your eyes for the first time i never would of imagined this would be a face i would never forget.<3
"Why do you do this to me? why do you do this so easily, you make it hard to smile because you make it hard to breathe"
"What i learned is to not change who you are because eventually you will run out of things to become." 

-Taylor Swift <3                  

Here's to.....
The crap we talk
The guys we stalk
The way we shop
Laughs we cant stop
Gossip we spill
Looks that could kill
We'll stay together
Cause we're bestfriends forever <3