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 its me
 i love to read
and dance. 

I couldnt live without my besties.
there my other half<3
there the peanut butter 
to my jelly,

your the apple to my pie,
the straw to my berry,
and the smoke to my high

Quotes by dancer1035

The traffic light law that 88% of average americans use everyday:


damn, i better step on my gas pedal before that light turns red.

I    hate   when   i   get   out   of   the shower   and   forgot   to   put   a   towel   in   the   bathroom.


I'm  always  that  one  girl  where  everyone   in  my  life  is  tearing  me apart  and  the  ones  I  love  are breaking  my  heart.


 5 dollar 5 dollar
5 dollar
foot long

was stuck in my head all day :)

why does that one girl in your grade
always get made fun of because
of her clothes?
and lady gaga dresses way weirder
than this girl will ever dress.
because lady gaga can sing?

   im just  me, living my life  the way any  other girl  should... with happiness.

never take a person for granted
hold every person close to your heart
cause one day you will wake up 
& realize
that you have lost a diamond
while you were too busy 
collecting stones

if you looked inside a girl
you would see how much she really cries,
you would find so many secrets & lots of lies.
but what you'll see the most is 
how hard it is to stay strong
when nothing is right and

EvErYtHiNg Is WrOnG

Some day everything will all make perfect sense
so for now laugh at the confusion,
smile through the tears,
and keep reminding yourself that 
everything happens for a reason.