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Did you know when someone annoys you
it takes 42 muscles to frown
but only 4 to extend your arm and punch them in the face.

Mom: What did you learn at school today sweetie?
Me: Obviously not enough. I have to go back tomorrow!

I was on Pandora, and a one direction song came on
after the song ended, Taylor Swift's "we are never
ever getting back together came on"
Ironic? I think not.

nmq, was on ellen.


There is no "I" in happyness 
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Boy There would be if you spelled it right.

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One Direction: I know we only
met but let's pretend it's love.

Me: Yeah ... 'pretend' ...

I can't take  this long
distance relationsip anymore.

You're coming to my room.


Lazy Rule:

Can't Reach it.
Don't need it. 



She's not afraid of all the attention
She's not afraid of running wild

How come she's so afraid of falling in love?

She's not afraid of scary movies
She likes the way we kiss in the dark
but she's so afraid of f-f-falling in love.

nmf/nmq. One Direction song lyrics to 'She's Not Afraid'.
I don't really go on Witty anymore BUT -
you can find me on another website that I am usually on 24/7. Just go to that url bar and type in:

There ya go, (:
Ah, so basically - my life is complete crap right now.
No thanks to you.