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Dancers don't give up <3

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My name is Danielle, && I am a dancing, softball playing, friend loving loser.  That's all there is to it(:

check out her quotes, shes hot shit. && my best friend; so watch it.  I will cut you if you have a problem with her, kay?

I've been dancing since I was 3 years old; & I never intend on stopping.  I have played softball since I was 7; & that too I never intend on stopping.  These two things are my life.


&& someone else,
but we will leave the information
on that guy out(;

Fan Art;
thanks to loving_my_girls_forever

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Quotes by dancer_xo1012

Puffacigaretteeachday :

Die 10 years early

Drinkalcoholeachday :

Die 30 years early

Lovesomeonewhodoesn’tloveyouback ?

Die Daily.

You’ll never find the r i  g  h  t person ;;
If you never let go of the w r  o n g   one *
I need to leave you && be strong.
But then, I realize why I held on
[ so long ]
E V E R Y TH I N G comes to an :.: end :.:
EV ER Y T H I N G comes crashing down ;;
No matter how [ great ] it seemed at one point.
just something my english teacher said about what a plane crashing symbolizes,
I thought it was interesting.
Tell him that I don’t love him anymore.
   & that I don’t need him anymore, either.
      Tell him I don’t miss him, & I don’t even
          want to see him. xxx <3 But most of all..
Don’t tell him I said all this with tears in my eyes.
&+when you touched my hand for the very first time
I wanted nothing more than to
hold it forever <3
The hardest thing you’ll ever have to do?
Stop loving someone because they
---> stopped loving you.
&&she tells them she’s [ s o ]over him;;
But her heart knows
the truth.
mine.. i thinkkk. kindaa just thought of it. favoritte if thiis is youu too. (:
&+I finallyunderstand
What makes girls hold on for [ s o l o n g ]
We wont be able to listen to the same songs ;
Read the same quotes ;
Or have anything to think about.
We are afraid we will have nothing to do with ourselves
When we have no one to
A   d   o  r   e   .



Who do you think of every night before you
[ Fall Asleep]
Who do you dream about
[ Every Night]
Who is the first person in your head
[ In The Morning ]
Who do you wish thought all this
[ About You ]
If your answer was the same boy ;; every s i n g l e time ;;
Then There’s A Reason To Not Give Up.