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 The name's Nikki, I'm 15 years old, and I'm a sophomore.  I blow out the candles on April 9th. I live in Chicagooo - best goddamn city in the whole world. I'm a happy drunk :) Parlo l'italiano. Ballet is amazing. I've never been in love - like really in love. I've never cried in public. I have a horrible sense of style. I'm one of 5 kids.  I have that gay best friend everyone wishes they had. I like staying up late and sleeping in. I always fall for the wrong guy. I expect too much from life. I have a really sweet boyfriend. I love being forgiven.

My 30 Favorite Things in the Whole World

1. random expressions of love
2. photography
3. being challenged

4. quality weed
5. boyfriends who don't cheat
6. girls who don't hate other girls just for fun
7. people who listen
8. dancing

9. little siblings
10. people with good taste in music

11. really good kissing
12. movies that make me cry
13. teachers that see me as more than a grade

14. swinging
15. old films
16. guys that try to keep a conversation going
17. being tickled
18. girls who don't gossip
19. having a good cry

20. teddy bears
21. really big hugs
22. Tumblr

23. getting compliments
24. old films
25. summer rains
26. biology
27. editorials in newspapers
28. chapstick
29. guy friends
30. spring
Mood:  hungover. this is fucking fantastic

Status: voglio innamorarmi
di lui perdutamente - i want to fall hopelessly in love with him


Quotes by dancetiludropdowndead


isn't it funny how

thconversationyou havdrunk
 are the onesthat
you're afraid thave sober

I ended up liking you
a lot more than I originally planned



there's a little truth behind every
"just kidding"

a little knowledge behind every
"i don't know"

a little emotion behind every
"i don't care"

and a little pain behind every
"it's okay"


not my format

I Often Wonder
If life is easier for some people
or if they're just better at faking it
Format Thanx To Pickle_Ninja

People ask me, "are you two going out?"
&You don't realize how painful it is to say.
we're just friends.

everybody is always so
we are not.
sometimes we are hurt and bruised and completely shattered.
and this, sir, is not what one calls "fine".


I want someone

To cuddle with on my couch during a scary movie
To stay up till sunrise talking about nothing
To sneak out at night with to look at the stars
To get lost in the woods with
To challenge me
To have fights with, the kind that only really matter while they're happening
To wrestle with without worrying about breaking a nail
To bring me flowers, or a rock or shell or something
To say, "This might make my girl smile"
To make watch chick flicks with me
Whose sweatshirt I can wear to bed
To go on walks with me
To hold hands with
To sit in front of the fireplace with me and talk about life with
Who wants me, maybe even needs me a little

Who holds on to me with everything he's got.


I told myself to forget
♥ talking to you
brings back memories


30 letters;;30 days

Day Thirteen;;Someone you wish could forgive you

Dear Caitlin,

Caitlin, you are such a great person. Don't ever let anyone tell you you're not. I know, in a way, I sort of did, and I feel like I never really apologized for that. And I just want to let you know how truly sorry I am for hurting you, because you do not deserve that.

I don't really have much else to say other than that I'm sorry, because I know it's up to you to forgive me if you want to. I know what I did isn't right, and I really regret it.

"What would you think of me now, so lucky, so strong, so proud? I never said thank you for that, now I'll never have a chance."