Status: Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine in life...But they can't take what's ours <3
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It's hard to swim
in a world so shallow
My name is Hanna-Grace.

Ima Canadian eh? :) aha
In Middle school :)
I have two wonderful parents that I love more than anything.

I am a dancer.I dance for fun,to compete, and for happiness.
I do competitive and recreational dance at the best dance studio in the universe. FDW <3 
I am a hiphopper/b-boooy :)
a jazzzzer
and my all time favourite...contemporary :)
It's my passion.

so ya :p

@HannaKentfield.....I think O.o

I love my bestfriends.
Lindsey is my Loonie <3 and I love her.
Dakota is my nerdless ham :)
And Matthew is my best bud :) aha

I am obsessed with alot of things
 and I love pretty much everything good :)

I love Taylor Swift
Jenna Marbles
Ingrid Michealson
Nicki Minaj
Christina Perry :)

They can't take what's ours <3

I've got a secret though...Can you keep it? 

Okay bye!
  Hanna-Grace :)

Learn to live, live to Love,Love to dance.

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I like home work

said no one ever.
someone will always be prettier.
someone will always be smarter.
someone will always be better.
But no one will ever be you.
aint nobody got time for that....
chocolate solves all problems....

except obesity.
Chocolate helps splve all problems....

except obesity.
I want a witty app.
Un desired love
Chapter 3
Dani's p.o.v.
It was time.
I was about to seal my fate with Adam. I walked in to the detention room and took a deep breath. Adam was already in the room so I sat right beside him . He gave me a funny look but then turned his head up to the front. Mr. Atkins, our teacher had gone to the staff room to watch the news.
"So what's up?" I self consiously asked Adam.
He snapped his head in disbelief.
"I um just kind of sitting here. "
He looked a little taken aback.
How stupid of me! What a silly question to ask when I obviously knew what was up.
"Oh... Ya."
There was an awkward silence for awhile until Adam laughed.
I gave him a confused smile.
"Oh sorry it's just I thought about something I heard earlier."
I was that kind of person too.
"Oh I do that all the time!"
Adam smiled.
"I can't believe that you are actually talking to me! I mean you are Danika Whitteker most popular girl in school!"
It was my turn to smile.
"You seem like a really cool guy Adam. Wanna hang out tomorrow?"
Boom. I dropped the bomb.
AHHHHHHHHHHH I have a date with Adam Sawyer!!! Well not really a date but we were hanging out and that was as good as anything. For the rest of detention we talked and I couldn't keep the smile off my face.
I was going to make this boy fall in love with me.
if you're crazy and you know it shake your meds......
But on a Wednesday, in a cafe I watched it begin again...
Writing stories at school... is not the same as writing stories on witty