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think  that..
michael vick should be in jail forever.
stop animal abuse. 

favorite if you agreee[:

&I'm a
Crazy Baby,
Sexy Lady,
Total Cutie,
Booty shakin,
Heart Breakin,

Perfect Hips,
Glossed Lips,

Bangin Style,
Sexy Smile,
Madd Hott,
Never stop,

Lil Hunni,
Playboi Buni,
Angel Baby,
Spoiled Maybe,

Short Skirt,
Luv 2 Flirt,

Temptin Lips,
Killa kiss,
Lucious Thighs,
and Candi Eyes.

Say good bye and blow a kiss cuz baby you can't handle this!


most word credit
to hayhayitsdomx3
i just changed it up
a bit
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[(make it)]

not mine** found it somewhere
I understand.
We can't go out.  We are looking for two different  kinds
of relationships. I am looking for a long term thing.
The thing you find in movies. You want to play 
the field, date a bunch of girls.We wouldn't
work out.Maybe sometime in the future,
when you're ready for a long term thing,
we could try it. But until then, I need to
accept the fact we are not as fit to
be together at this point in time as

I thought we were.

my 300th quote. (:
This quote does not exist.
Summer Love
Loving it to the fullest*
               SOMONE OUT THERE
           was meant to be the  .........   love of your life the
        one you can tell your dre         ams to and he'll smile at
      you when you tell him, but h   e'll never laugh he'll
       the hair out of your face
,  and he'll stare at you during a
      movie even though he paid $11 to see it.  he'll call you to
          tell you how he couldn't stop thinking about you. and
             most importantly, he'll look right in your eyes and
                  tell you that you are the most beautiful girl
                       he's ever seen and for the first time
                             in your life.. you'll believe it
                                    that  is what they
                                       mean by
                                             love ♥