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Hey there, my name's Emma! I'm 16.
I like to snowboard, watch hockey (goooo Rangers), read, sleep.. boring stuff like that.
My faaavorite thing to do is listen to music. I could really just sit somewhere all day just listening. Maybe that's called lazy, but whatever..
Most of these quotes are taken from songs or shows. Or books. Stuff like that. I'm not too creative ;)

Quotes by dangerRadio

You're late. Why are you always late?            
             I had a problem with my car, man.
     You don't have a car.                                         
Yeah, that's the problem.

All That <3

I love when my iPod knows what I want to listen to next

I didn't expect to see no rain...                                               
but there it was, pouring off of your face.                                

              Darling, wipe those tears from your eyes.


"We live, we love, we burn with passion and desire for life and then we die. The key is to burn, to really live, experience life, feel passionate about something and give your whole being into it. Whether it's writing music, making love or painting.
                                                                               If you're gonna do it, do it with passion."

Hate can be a positive emotion
                                                         when it forces you to better yoursel


 And life is pointless                                          
...but what's so wrong with that

the only pain is to feel none at all

I guess if I was                   
simple in the mind everything would be fine


Wherever you go, I will be waiting
Whenever you call, I will be there
Whatever it takes, I'll make your darkest days so bright
I'm in your heart tonight

This isn't just goodbye,
this is I can't stand you.