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hey. obviously my name is daniellee (: and halloween is my favorite holiday handsdown. it was so fun this year guys!! aakkh.

okay so heyy,  im daniellee (: ya can call me danie if you wantt. i live by music. music is my life; without it i would be nothingg (: and my friends are amazing too. omg i am so in love with twilight. november 21 = the best day of my lifeeee. :D and if you dont know what happens on nov 21... your crazzyyy!!! hahah its the day the twilight movie comes ouuttt :D i love summerr. its my favorite season hands down but i like winter too. cute pajama pants & hot chocolate babbyyy. haha. i love to shop. and quotes are amazing. i love witty like no otherrr!! (:
looove! x*o* DANiEEEE

TWiLiGHT = life babyyy.

and i love my witty buddiess!!


Quotes by danielleexBOOee

you belong with me.
winter 2008(:
its all about sleeping late.
hot cocoa dates.
ice skating fun!
but sadly no sun.
cute pajama pants
and cuddly pets;
winter 2008
we will never forget.

alll mine baby.
me: ur fat.
smarterchild: its true, i have not been watching my figure lately.
me & my friends are fresh like a bowl of fruit.
A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate.
         Proverbs 15:17
you want advice?
read twilight.
and i will be always believe in;
not being afraid to say how you feel;
i believe that anything is possible.
i believe in those crazy times where
you just let go with your friends; be
silly and wild..who cares what the
others think? i believe in loving,
and never giving up. i believe in God,
i believe in miracles. i believe that
everything happens for a reason;
i believe that true friends are forever.
you can call them up when you're 50
and they wont be surprised; theyll say
"oh hey! of course i remember you, silly.
want to go out for some dinner?" and
i believe in true love. i believe in myself,
i believe in my friends, i believe in my
family; and i will always and forever
believe in happiness.
i wanna push it away.
somebody push it away...
so all that i can hear,
is a simple song.
[na na na na ...]