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About Me;

i date the best guy in the world.
i'm sixteen.
i love who i am and what i do. 
i don't really talk to anyone because all they do is bring me down. 



♥not like you're going to read this anyways♥

tell her how you admire her. when she's upset, hold her tight. pick her over all the others. pick her up, tickle her, and wrestle with her. just talk to her and tell her jokes. bring her flowers just to see her smile. hold her hand and run. interlock with her every finger. let her fall asleep in your arms. tell her she looks beautiful. look into her eyes, and smile. kiss her on the forehead. kiss her in the rain. and if you want to be with her forever, tell her. ♥

Quotes by danimcnuggets

i actually hate one direction, so.

you light up my world
like nobody else.



whatever happened to
Best Friends Forever


my boyfriend says my quotes are too depressing...
i need to

spice up mah lyfe doe.

Chills run down my spine,
as our fingers entwine
and your sighs harmonize with mine.
i can feel your heart beat fast
when you dance with me♥


Be mad at me for no


teen drinking is very bad.
yo, i got a fake ID doee.

everybody in the club get tipsy(;

I just  want to be in his arms
all night long
listening to his heart beat
as our sighs harmonize,
knowing that he is dreaming about me.
And when he wakes up,
he'll smile.
Because he is holding the precious thing in the world.