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Quotes by dapz95

some rise by sin; and some by virtue fall

- Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

You know your tears won't bring him back
                                      Oh, I know you wish that it did,
                                                        But it just don't work like that

    Ooh, I know that healing takes time
                Even your heart has a pace
        But how much time are you gonna take?

                                            Too much would be a mistake


There are many times, so many times
where I feel that
the only realise I've stayed this long is because
People have remembered me

and kept me alive

when I thought all I could ever be
was this shell of a person.



All of we who dare to love
are certified goners
Destined to crash and burn

But there's something magical about being set on fire
Something intoxicating about the idea
of finishing in flaming wonder

We are tragic heroes, aren't we?
We fight for the one thing worth living for


One Look
And I'm frozen
I lose track of time
You move in slow motion
I can't close my eyes
Taking all of my attention
{But I don't want you to stop it}

.. you keep me watching


Well you don't get a rainbow
without a little rain


So I'll make sure
to keep my D I S T A N C E

Say I love you
When you're not listening


Hope that you catch me
'cause I'm already f a l l i n g


'Cause losing you is like somebody
Just turned all the lights off

{i can't see at all}


What is the opposite of two?

A lonely me, a lonely you

- Richard Wilbur