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h e y ,   i ' m   c a r l i   : )
i'm fourteen years young & lovinn it. i'm italian, loud, & proud. i'm very sarcastic, but you get used to it. i'm a swimmer & came in seventh place in my state for backstroke. i live & breathe music - i have a song for everything that happens in my life. i can get a little crazy, but we all have to let go sometime. i've had my fair share of heartbreak, mistakes, and guys. but, no regrets because at one point, that was exactly what i wanted. i strongly believe everything happens for a reason & that you should never have any regrets in life. you learn from your mistakes...you'll never know if you don't get hurt. taylor swift is my personal therapist & i live off of my blackberry. get to know me, i'd looove to be friends! :D


dareyoutomovexx's Favorite Quotes

I laugh at my own texts 
before i send them
Be cause im that danm funny.

This quote does not exist.

I wanna be the girl
  he gives his hoody to wear &&
cuddles up next to when it's cold,

 he'll be the one to comes up behind me,
wraps his arms around my waist,
catches me off guard,
& whispers: you look beautiful

the worst sight in the world is...


it's nothing new, just another reason to cut.

If he cant handle you

in sweatpants;
he doesn't

deserve you in a 

Wedding dress.

nmf/nmq; thought it was cute(:

This quote does not exist.

A relationship is only
    m e a n t   f o r   t w o,   b u t   s o m e   b i t c h e s               d o n ' t        |||||||||||||||||||| 



Well go find it.




n e v e r


what      someone     says       to    you     when     they    are

because  that   is   when   the   truth   comes   out