Kellin and Vic *

Status: Im an Emo... so what. SWS for life two XD
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My favorite thing to do is to listen to Sleeping with sirens and pierce the veil. I LOVE to go to see those bands. Most of my time i just go out with my mates.

what i like to do? i like to go on face book and twitter. I like to go out to buy SWS stuff ect. In my spare time i normaly go out with my mates down town or something. I love to play the guitar and write my own music, because it helps me to exspress my self.

Im a Emo and proud ;) also i dont take no as a answer ha. I normaly help people when they are felling down or they just want to talk you know. I love to joke around, i can pritty much make anyone laugh( In real life). 

My top best songs by SWS and Pierce the veil are:

PTV: Props and mayhem, Kisssing in cars, Tangled in the great escape, One hundred sleepless nights, Bullet proof love.

SWS: Go,go,go, All my heart, Do it now remember it later, Alone, Low

Im a good at talking to people and to make them feel happy after.

Quotes by Kellin and Vic *

I simpily cant go on without you because you were my life and now the devil has took you away from me! Dont think that i wont fight for you because i will i will fight till my very last breath.
Spilling every lie you've ever spilled before

You never said good bye and now your... ON YOUR OWN!!!
I should've known the tides were getting higher!

-Asking Alexandria

Just wait things out.Things wont be bad forever i promiss you.

By Vic Fuentes... p.s. i promiss to :)

Suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse. Suicide eliminates the possability of it getting better!

by Kellin Quinn

Tear this place apart until you find me hiding, silently i wait! you'll be exsited just to see me someday.
If we realy learnt from are mistakes... we would be a F*cking  ginius right now!
Lets get the meaning straight