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Hello, stranger.
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Feel free to call me emma.
Or whatever suits you.
If you are reading this you are awesome.
No, seriously.
You are.
Anyways, PLEASE say hi!

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check it out lol:

Quotes by darkeyeangel

Q. What's your biggest weakness?

A. I'd say my memory isnt that great. No, wait. My indecisevness. Oh, I can't remember!

Dude, you left you phone at my house.

Hello? Jack?


Oh wait...

I am literally so out of shape.
>>Like, internet explorer could run faster than me.
Page 46 of Apple's iOS 7 Terms and Conditions:

3. Transfer. You may not rent, lease, lend, sell, redistribute, or sublicense the iOS Software.
You may, however (a)
Oh you know what? This is page 46, nobody’s still reading this. I bet only about five people clicked to read the T&Cs in the first place- we might as well say anything we like.
Tony on floor 5 of Apple HG smells of sardines.
When someone sends a funny email around the offices we have to reply with iLaughed. It’s in our job descriptions.
Remember that legal kerfuttle over the Apple & Apple studios? Want to know how we fixed it? We bought The Beatles. WE have the surviving ones come and sing to us for scraps. We’re looking at ways to reanimate the dead ones.
The canteen only sells apple products. Apples, apple, juice, apple flapjacks, toffee apples. We get fired if we’re caught eating anything without apples in it. IM ALLERGIC TO APPLES AND I’M ALWAYS SO HUNGRY.
We faked the moon landings. Did it in 2008, then brainwashed you all to believe it happened in 1969, just because we could. If anyone finds out I’ve leaked this information, I’ll be killed. But no one will ever, ever read this.
(b) you do not retain any copies of the iOS Software, full or partial, including copies stored on a computer or other storage device; and (c) the party receiving iOS software reads and agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this license.

Just gonna stand there and watch me ROAR
but that's alright because I am a dinosaur.

When I grow up, I'm going to open a bakery of all the holiday foods, and it will be open all year around for people who are too lazy to bake like me because I am TIRED of not being able to buy gingerbread in July and pumpkin pie in February, but most of all, I am TIRED of not being able to buy myself a giant box of
chocolate whenever I feel


- Fear of long words


Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth

I wonder if
guys have any clue how
they are.


"To all those people out there who feel as if

they weren't placed on the earth to go through

the motions and fit in with the rest,

You're not