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Quotes by darkness33

I'm better off without you, so now i'll just watch you as you fall apart & i'll laugh the entire time because I know you're just as worthless as you make other people around you feel.


You know that feeling when someone you once talked to all the time...trusted and cared about with all you have... Just stop talking to you or even acknowledging your existence when you walk past them...almost like they've never even met you...yeah...that feeling.


You want my advice? Don't trust people & don't get attached to people you want to know why? Because if you let people in & you develop this care for them & you trust them then you become vulnerable & then they just leave you or hurt you...It's always the same...weather it's a friend, relationship, family member...they're all the f*cking same.


Am I not good enough for you?


 Trust...what the f**k does that word mean? Because i'm not so sure I know what that is anymore.


                           And you have no idea just how much you've hurt me.

You see it's all one big game we play, the game of life. Except there's no winning or losing we all just die.


           With every step, with every breath, just another day closer to death.


      Love Is Love<3

Sometimes, I question why i'm still here..But then I remember that you're all i'm holding on to and if you let me go like all the rest..I don't know if I could take it.