Status: i seriously need to take more pictures.
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i'm vlad.
17 years old and awkward af.
i like playing soccer, and if we have that in common, thumbs up.
and my pictue looks like f/cking s/it , f u size limit.


Quotes by darkvlader

to be honest i don't give a s/it if you're popular or not, if you're nice then i like you.
it's so annoying when you compliment someone and other people immediately assume you like them.
It sucks,
because I miss you so much and you could care less.
it's weird cause you think you're so close with someone,
but after one incident you suddenly don't ever talk again.
when that girl you like tell's you she likes another guy

When your parents ask you if you're still dating your ex.

Why would you get thinner if you can get more dinner?
When I welcome people on Witty, I feel like a loving person.
I absolutely hate when people can't take a compliment... Like shî t fine then you ugly bî tch.